Obituary - Mage - Frost

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Re: Obituary - Mage - Frost

Postby Jupsik » Thu Jan 15, 2015 14:45:43

obi1 wrote:
Links wrote:We decide if you join or not, hence the process of applying ;p But glad you'l say yes ;) raiding atm, officers will comment afterwards

I have decided to quit. The guild didn't pass the trial I'm afraid.

I'm sad to hear that you quit. While I can't do the same, as due to some bad negotiations on my part, mostly due to excessive alcohol consumption which is a result of me wanting to be more ''Nordic'' and what with the closest country being Finland I naturally copied their traditions, I am in fact jealous of you. For I too would like to have the courage to get emotional and have a fit when things don't go my way. But with me being the glutton for punishment that I am, I've decided to stick around despite of the 3 weeks holidays we didn't raid.
Ah yes the horror of holidays, where you drink and eat with your friends and loved ones. In fact I think you have shown me the light! I will work towards us recruiting loads of people in their teens, you know the age where you rebel against just about everything, so that next time Christmas comes around we could have that nice raid on Christmas Eve. But until that change comes I have nothing other to do then to suffer and stick around in hopes that next Christmas things will be better with the 20 fourteen year-old's that, thanks to the post you made, will make up After Effect.


Also if you ever bothered to read the ''about us'' tab, you'd find that we are in fact foremost a community and not a guild. Furthermore we've survived

Boorz! i demand a new sig :D
Request granted!

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Re: Obituary - Mage - Frost

Postby Links » Sat Jan 17, 2015 17:02:42

To summarise what jupsik so elegantly put. Grow up, its Christmas you miserable bastard.


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