Bòóbster - Paladin - Holy

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Cobra Kai Apprentice
Cobra Kai Apprentice
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Bòóbster - Paladin - Holy

Postby Boobster » Sun Dec 14, 2014 23:39:23

Character Name: Bòóbster
Class: Paladin :paladin:
Spec: Holy

Tommie Nilsson

Age? (18+ Only).


We are a very sociable group and playing as a team is absolutely essential to us, Have you got Teamspeak3 and can you communicate clearly in English?
Yeah I got the TS3 client, along with all the other voicecoms

AFX raids 2 to 3 times a week on a flexible raid schedule. We do signups for the week ahead and choose the 2 or 3 days that are most suitable i.e where 10 have signed up.... (Never Friday or Saturday). Are you ok with this?
That would work fine with me

Do you know or have any friends currently in the guild?
Nope, not that I know of :D But I hope to make new friends!

How did you find out about us? and what do you expect from our guild?
I saw Linkars recruitment text and replied to that :) Well, I like to progress, try new bosses, I´ve liked it since Vanilla and still it´s like a drug, once started I cant get enough :/ I guess I hope that you are the same :D And I want a friendly athmosphere even though focused!

Why have you geared in a particular way? Explain?
Well, atm I havnt got much gearing options, I´m going for crit/haste on as much as possible since fast big heals can be a savior! Other then that it´s not much to say :)

Can you draw a duck?
<(v)> Almost! No eyes and no legs though :o

What guild were/are you in previously/currently? Reasons for Leaving?
In a guild that I made with some friends in the start of WoD

Raiding experience?
Started in Vanilla with all the 40man raids, continued in BC (as a RL) and rand through Wotlk aswell, Cata I was out of and started again in MoP, in MoP I raided as a Restoshammy here and there, never found myself a serious enough guild so mostly it was LFR and Flex

We encourage members to actively use the forums, are you happy to do so?
Yepp, used to it since the release in 2004!

Post a link to a screenshot of your UI (imgur links only please)
blargh,I use the ElvUI along with DBM so it's clean and nice :) Sry, I'm bad at uploading stuff late at night :D

Post a link to any previous WoL Raid Reports of DPS/HPS? (Optional)
hmm, dunno how this works :) But I had 19-20k Hps on kargath the other day and I ended at 33k Hps at butcher (ilvl630), I have no idea if it´s good or not but I use my skills as much as I can :D

Any Final Words? (Your chance to to tell us a bit about you)
I´m a MALE, playing a FEMALE character with boobs! Single father with some attraction to WoW :D I´m an easy person to deal with (I think) :) Hope this is enough of you, do you have anything else that you want to know feel free to throw me an whisper :) Cheers!

WoW Armory Link: Bòóbster

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Re: Bòóbster - Paladin - Holy

Postby Links » Mon Dec 15, 2014 00:01:09

Armory link not working buddy, please resubmit one that does work due to silly "o" in your name :)

Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal
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Re: Bòóbster - Paladin - Holy

Postby Jupsik » Mon Dec 15, 2014 00:04:14


Boorz! i demand a new sig :D
Request granted!

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